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Established five years ago, our company’s wide availability of assets, tremendous experience, and broad access to industry information enable us to convey remarkable ability to our customers. Our consultants apply the learning they have gained through years in the industry to produce recruiting arrangements that actually benefit our customers.

The Executive Consultant an executive firm that has practical experience catering to businesses and portfolio organizations upheld by institutional financial specialists. Since 2012, we have partnered with more than a thousand esteemed firms, matching exceptional skills with administrative positions in PE/VC and Fortune 500 companies.


Executive Placement Services

Our Executive Search has accomplished a commendable record of achievements with distinguishing openings, as well as an impressive track record of transitioning executives. We have a wide reach and can offer professionals the following placements and openings:

  • Managing director placements with PE/VC groups
  • Portfolio placements with PE/VC groups
  • Traditional executive placements in W-2 positions
  • Identification of appropriate MBO placements based upon qualifications

By employing a straightforward and cost approach, we have managed to gain the trust of private value firms and open entryways that would generally not have been interested in our customers. We have likewise possessed the capacity to influence such associations with PE/VC firms to match speculators with organizations requiring capital.

Business Recruitment for All

The Executive Recruitmenthas invested years in working with PE/VC firms. As we have cemented relationships with business partners and customers, we have increased our capacity to operate efficiently as the business scouts for new talent.

We currently work with over 300 key purchasers and private value bunches, encouraging ventures for arrangement streams and opening doors for senior administrators around the globe.Our extensive assets enable us to offer administrations to mid to top interest in organizations with revenues ranging between $20 million and $1 billion, as well as those seeking smaller sums with the end goal of recapitalizing.

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M&A Intermediary for MBO Executives

The experts at The Executive Recruitmenthave the ability to provide professional, unmatched service, regardless of which administrations are best suited to your needs and circumstances.

The way to the administrations that we provide lies in the investment of time and trust over fifteen years of setting up associations with over 1000 PE/VC firms. These associations have led to more than 300 organizations solely entrusting us with their business enlistment needs, coordinating several administrators with proper open doors and effectively finishing 108 situations in the most recent year alone.

We depend on the fulfillment of our partners, and that is why we work so hard to guarantee that each presentation holds genuine value and financially benefits all parties involved, whether the objective is an official position or coordinating financial specialists with circumstances. The Executive Recruitmentanticipates acquainting you with our administrations and demonstrating how we can offer suitable assistance.

Over a span of half a decade, The Executive Recruitmenthas developed an effective model for distinguishing openings and directing administrators to them. Clients count on us to locate the best talent, and we utilize our experience and systems to guide employing experts and enrollment specialists and encourage enlisting from prologue to onboarding.

Private Equity Placements

Private value customers appreciate our comprehension of the changing needs and patterns in portfolio organization administration. As companies are being held longer than before, our arrangement procedures continue to balance. Repeatedly we have furnished firms with competitors that show the drive and authority expected to guarantee aggressiveness in every single practical zone.

How do we succeed? There are numerous components to our prosperity, including the continuous redesign of our systems of authority ability, tireless research into portfolio organizations to completely comprehend their needs, and fastidious investigation of the potential of administration groups.


Service Beyond Recruitment

At The Executive Consultant, we believe in building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, so we follow up with clients and go the extra mile to provide superior customer service.

Executive Assessment Solutions

Organizations are always concerned about evaluating the performance of their board of directors. Leaders and executive teams. Major transforms have been observed in the leadership industry over the past few years. We do understand the true strength of executive search lies in the strong executive assessment. We tend to become more relevant to our clients and try to offer them best executive assessment solutions.

Executive & Leadership Effectiveness

While assessing executive, the main objective is to assess them on the basis of their leadership qualities. We have to identify those who can, lead now and also posses future leadership qualities. We employ robust and customizable assessment methods to identify true leaders for your organization.

We are proud to assess and select such leadership talent that has resulted in consistent organizational growth.



Because we are fast, fair, and efficient. We are also friendly. Satisfying clients and providing amazing customer support is always a priority for us.

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The Executive Consultant a professional service firm that specializes in the recruitment of executives and senior personnel for global client companies.

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